Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Works for Me Wednesday

Withholding privileges. It has taken me 8 months but I finally found a way to get my teen to listen to my driving suggestions. Now when he doesn't stop when I say “stop” such as when the owner of the business my husband and I work for is coming around the corner, and to be respectful and let her go first you say “stop”. And he slows but is inching forward at a rate that would indicate to the boss that she might get run into, so you say “STOP” in a tone that says “if you don't stop you may be grounded for a month”, before the car comes to a complete stop. Its intervention time. Ours is now that the teen in question may not drive the next day. To which he responds “If you don't let me drive, I wont have enough hours in, and then I wont be able to get my license” Oh really I think to my self....I don't really care if you don't get your license till your 30, so go ahead...MAKE MY DAY! (I secretly dont want him to drive because I am afraid he will get in an accident. Yes I am a worrier but I try to not let him know that)

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