Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sundays Festivus

A place to air grievances for the week.......

My week has been full of trials. Money trials that threaten our ability to go on the mission trip this summer, weather trials which threaten our ability to raise money and time constraints which make our lives so busy we wonder how we will ever complete everything.

We just had the van in the shop and it cost 350.00. Now the Sable is shaking terribly when we brake. Add to that the burning rubber smell in the garage from the washing machine that stopped mid cycle, and we can see our tax return dwindling away. We need that money for the mission trip. So coupled with the fact that I think I can do anything with the proper info....hubby and I are going to try and fix the washer ourselves. We looked under it Saturday evening and it definitely was the drive belt. You can see how complicated this is going to be here. I will let you know how it goes. I have replaced dryer belts several times. I have laid linoleum. I have fixed freezer icemakers. (okay I had help from hubby, but I find the info, read it and then coerce him to help. He is a great sport) But this, by far, is going to be the most difficult. I will let you know next week how it goes.

Tomorrow we have a car wash scheduled to raise money for the mission trip. The weather calls for rain. It is raining right now. I have prayed for sun. I will take my sunglasses and let you know how it turns out.

Busyness. (I am actually not complaining about these as we need to raise money and the opportunities are pouring in. We are so grateful for the help of my father who set up 3 car washes and donated money, to Darryl's parents who purchased the computers and printer for us to sell, and donated their portion, plus offered to do a benefit concert) However tomorrow as soon as the car wash is over we have to run home, take a shower, and run to our next fundraiser which is a spaghetti dinner, of which I am the cook. After the dinner is a concert by Michael Harris. In two more weeks Darryl's Dad, Parson Larson will be doing a concert with a benefit dinner which we will be hosting. I have 10 donated computers and a industrial sized printer to sell. All that and only one car ( shaky car needs to go in), lots of time in a laundry mat (until washer is fixed) and a garden to plant. Oh and I almost forgot.....Squirty our Chihuahua just might be pregnant! I am thinking the puppies will only be 5 weeks old when we leave for Ecuador.

Good thing all I have to do is pray about it and God will take care of all of it for me. He will either give me the energy to handle it or will assist me to get the jobs done as easy as possible.

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