Sunday, March 25, 2007

God Rocks, a weekly miracle story

Sunshine! Is it a miracle? When the weather calls for rain, you live in the pacific northwest, you have a car wash scheduled, and you have prayed for sunshine, then yes its a miracle. Today was our car wash to raise money for the mission trip. Thirty minutes before start time, the sun broke through the rain clouds and we had the most beautiful day. The rain clouds (no rain just a dark cloud) passed over a few times but just for a few minutes, then the sun was back. We washed and washed, and then we washed some more. I believe at final count we had made 339.00 for the mission trip. Kiara and I left a half hour early to take a shower and head down to our church to prepare the spagetti dinner fund raiser. I was going to have to head up the entire dinner myself, which I could do, but I am not that comfortable with. Fortunately my friend who does catering ended up back in town and was there to head up the dinner. Following the dinner, we had the Michael Harris concert. If you look up Michael Harris be sure to follow the link in my Sundays Festivus as there are a lot of Michael Harris sites and some of them are not nice (and not the right Michael). The concert was so uplifting. Michael has an incredible salvation story and a beautiful, deep bass voice. He tells of how he was a drug addict and an alcoholic and one day, while high and drunk, he fell asleep at the wheel causing an accident that left his wife paralyzed from the neck down. His story continues as he tells how God worked in his life. Now him and his wife have a ministry to tell others about God.

Todays miracle reminds me of a song one of my best friends would sing as a prayer before lunch everyday. "thank you for the sunshine....thank you for the rain....for home and food and loving care we thank you Lord again Amen"

We are especially thankful for the sunshine part!

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