Saturday, March 10, 2007


Two weeks ago my Grandpa passed away. I didn't know a lot about him, but that he was quiet and didn't say much when we were around. When I was small he gave the grandchildren our own fingernail clippers. I, for some reason, thought that was the coolest thing ever. I also remember playing "rook" until all hours of the night with him, my dad and my Aunt Carol. We drank red creme soda and would get so silly we would laugh and laugh. My Grandpa liked my Dad a lot and they loved to tease each other. I loved visiting his house as there were all sorts of treasures to explore and playing with the Aunts and Uncles that were around my age was the highlight of my visit. Especially the traditional "water fight". Maybe we can have a family water fight in heaven someday.....

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