Saturday, March 03, 2007

Sundays Festivus Ed 9

Sunday's Festivus A day to air grievances

The Potluck Queen and the Mystery Casserole

Healthy food is not uncommon in our church as Seventh Day Adventist potlucks are vegetarian and the food is everything from as fattening as you can get, with cheese and eggs, to extremely healthy vegan fare. The people who are not used to the vegan food get a little freaked out about how it looks. So being in charge of Potluck, I wasn't surprised when my helpers were concerned about a particular dish. I was super busy trying to organize the final preparations, so I just said “its fine, it is just one of those vegan casseroles...Put it on the table” Once again they expressed concern, but I assured them that vegan food looks a little different. Everyone went through the line and I was about the last to through. I took a little bit of the mystery casserole. I sat down and about half way through the meal, I took a bite of something that tasted so wrong it was all I could do to keep from losing my lunch all over the table. At that very moment my sis and another church member were standing over the dish discussing it. The other church member said “hey this doesn't look right” and my sister trying to be brave said “I am sure it is fine and put some on her plate” (Sisters think alike:) However upon further examination, it appeared that mold had surfaced. And in my sisters words “it smelled all kinds of wrong and looked like total goo”. So we discreetly whisked it away to the kitchen. I was so puzzled why someone would bring a dish that was moldy. I was washing out the dishes, praying that no one would get sick, taking charcoal to make sure I didn't get sick, and imagining the newspaper headlines “ Head Deaconess poisons Church members with 2 week old moldy casserole” . I tried to figure out what happened, when it suddenly hit me. The last potluck, 2 weeks ago, I remembered a gentleman who couldn't find one of his dishes. That coupled with the fact that dishes are already in the oven when I get there, was a recipe for disaster. Now after every potluck about 9 different women check the ovens to see that someones dish isn't left till the next potluck! (fortunately no one got sick)

I am finding that the bad situations I find myself in are less irritating when I remember the satisfaction that I get when I blog them under my Sunday's Festivus!

What are your grievances? Either tell me in comments or put a post on your blog and leave a message in comments. Mr Linky will automatically link to your site.

Tune in tomorrow for the 100 dollar miracle....................

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