Monday, March 26, 2007

I peppered sprayed my hubby

Well sort of. It all started out this morning when I left teen boy in charge of finishing up his breakfast. A bagal with creme cheese, vegetarian "bacon" strips, and a banana. The strips were almost done so I turned off the George Foreman grill and left him in charge of getting them off the grill, while I went to take a shower. I was fairly confident this would be done in a timely manner as teen boy is pretty reliable. However, upon exiting the shower, I smelled over cooked strips. They weren't burnt but they were hard, flat and very done. No time to cook more, so I made hubby's breakfast. In my hurry I forgot to put cayenne pepper on the creme cheese (gives it a nice kick that hubby loves) I had already put the hard flat strips on top of the creme cheese so I sprinkled the cayenne on top, grabbed a banana and served my hubby breakfast in bed. Ok, can you imagine what happened next? With the first bite the strip flipped up like a Trebuchet, throwing cayenne pepper into hubby's eye......which explains why I heard the shower running before I even made it back to the kitchen. Was he mad? irritated?., best part? He makes every situation into something funny. He had me laughing so hard on the way to work, I could hardly tell the kids what happened. Which proves you can choose how you respond to any situation even painful ones. (He did mention it was quite painful and would never want to be pepper sprayed. I on the other hand will make sure the pepper is UNDER the strips from now on.

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