Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thursday Thirteen: A Tribute to My Dad

Thirteen Things about A Tribute to My Dad

1. My Dad is a great Christian. He lives by the golden rule, studies his bible everyday and is a great example to everyone

My Dad and I in Arizona.

2. My Dad follows the good health habits. He doesn't eat between meals, eats breakfast regularly, maintains a proper weight, gets regular exercise through his daily activities, does not drink or smoke and tries to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep at night

My Dad playing college basketball at Andrews University. He is number 9.

3. My Dad has great work habits. He put 200 percent into his 40 plus years as a church school teacher. Church schools teachers do not get paid extra for camping trips, evening activites or sports events. He did them all willingly. His motto was "If a job is worth doing, then it is worth doing right".

My Dad at his Masters in Education ceremony. He is the second one in a gown.

4. My Dad has a good balance between work and play. His motto was always work before play, but somehow we were always riding the motor cycle, down at the beach or on a family vacation.

My Dad and I on his motorcycle. He said I used to fall asleep so he would hold onto my back with one arm, and drive with the other.

5. My Dad took us on fun vacations. Like I said before, Church School teachers are not paid the best, but my dad managed to save money and take us on vacations across the US, visiting all the special places like Yellowstone, Mt Rushmore, Grand Canyon etc, to ultimately end up visiting family. We also went on a lot of camping trips.

My dad on a mule for the trip down the Grand Canyon this last summer. He is 70 years old!

6. My Dad instilled self esteem in us, by introducing us as if we were the Queen of England's children. You could "feel" how proud he was even if our hair was messy and our clothes dirty from playing. Th other day we went to the grocery store and he very proudly told the cashier that I was his daughter. How special is that?

My Dad and I in my favorite car.

7. My Dad is the King of money management. He saves up for all the major appliances, car repairs and home repairs that will be needed in the future, saves for vacations and even paid money every month for 3 years, till he owned a grandfather clock, that he gave my mother for their wedding anniversary. He didn't bring it home and then make payments. He just took the money down to the store till it was all paid off then brought the clock home.

My Dad and Mom the year they got Married 1960

8. My Dad has great time management. You can tell what time it is by when he eats, brushes his teeth, and goes to bed. He is ALWAYS early for an appointment.

My Dad camping. He even kept up his routines in the wilderness.

9. My Dad will drop everything to help his children out. Need a large piece of furniture brought home? He is picking up the trailer and there in 10 minutes flat. Need a ride somewhere? He's the guy. Need help with something in the yard or with the house? He's your handyman. Someday when the teens are gone and the schedule is more free I hope to be as fast to respond to what he needs.

My Dad and I waiting for our turn to parasail in Hawaii 2003

10. My Dad is president of "National Bank of Dad". I owe him enough to keep him in a dough a year or two.

My Dad, brother and I in 1969. My sister Laughing Mommy was not born yet.

11. My Dad changed history. Not the book type of history, but family history. Families tend to make the same mistakes down through the generations. My Dad changed all that so we could grow up with a Mom and Dad, always had food, love, medical, dental, orthodontia, vacations, and even asked the dentist to do a procedure which at that time had not been tried yet. I had big white spots on my two front teeth and when my braces came off I cried and cried so my Dad convinced the orthodontist to to resurface them. Which looked great!

12. My Dad worked hard to give us kids a Christian education. He was a teacher but in the summers he would work doing landscaping so we would have enough money for school the next year.

My Dad teaching.

13. Final but a very important thing....and a continuing joke in the family.....When Dad is with you....NEVER FORGET THE SANDWICHES!

Thank you Mom for helping me find all the pictures! Remind Dad to visit my blog tomorrow morning!

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