Monday, March 19, 2007

God Rocks: a weekly miracle story

Thanks to Katkat for the inspiration on the new name.

This week miracle is about a friend of mine that has already lost one leg to the complications of diabetes and was at risk of losing the other foot. It is also about trust and faith. A few weeks ago this gentleman's wife asked if my church could pray for her husbands remaining foot which had a sore that was getting worse. The doctors were going to remove this remaining foot, but at the last minute decided to give it a chance. So I had a small group pray and gave his name to our "prayer warrior. I was sure this would be a great witness to the gentleman and his wife, and I would return to work to find out it was a miracle. However upon returning to work, I found out the foot was actually worse. This was very depressing to me. I felt like God had missed this wonderful opportunity. My usual faith was slipping. After a few more token prayers, I got busy and forgot all about it. Last week guess who walked into work? (he has a prosthesis for the other leg). But still I forgot. Then I went to church and the "prayer warrior" as we call her, asked how he was and told me she had been faithfully praying daily. I surprisingly told her that I thought he must be doing great and I would find out for sure. I talked to his wife today and she said the sore is down to a tiny spot on the tip of his toe and continues to improve. Praise God for answering the prayer in his own time. And for the lesson to continue praying and having faith instead of giving up so soon.

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