Friday, March 02, 2007

Mr Right Meme

I found this when I was surfing the blogs and I am so sorry I dont remember where I got it from. I will try to figure it out later and post it.

The Mr. Right Meme

Who can resist a meme about their soulmate! Here's a little proof that it only gets better and better with time.

How long have you been together (married)?soulmate
♥ 22 1/2 wonderful years ♥

How long did you know each other before you got together? 4 years

What physical features attracted you to him first? His smile and how caring and sweet he was.

Eye color: Ocean Blue

Hair color: Strawberry Blonde

Hair style: Most of the time short and sticks up on top

Normal outfit: Slacks and button up shirt for work and jeans and a T shirt other times. Occasionally a very nioce suit and tie!

How did you meet? Working in the cafeteria at College

How serious is it? Extremely serious

Are you "in love"? Yes we never seem to get tired of each others company and we even work together. When we aren't together he calls me alot. We think just a like and will buy the same things on the same day when we are not together. Our kids tease us about it all the time.

Do your parents like him? I think they like him more than me sometimes LOL

Do his parents like you? His parents are wonderful. They treat me like one of their own

Do you trust him? Yes, what is a marriage without trust?

Would you share a toothbrush with him? If it was an emergency

Would he let you wear his pants? Yes but he would tease me about it

Do you have a shirt of his that you sleep in? I used to but now I wear regular silky PJ's and nightgowns

Do you like the way he smells? I love the way he smells just out of the shower and when he is sweaty and hot. He just smells good.

Can you picture having kids with him? We have two awesome teens

What bothers you the most about him? Well....he is a self proclaimed lazy person so I would like him to help out more, but I appreciate he has the ability to relax too when I dont feel like doing anything

Does he have a temper? I have only seen his temper a few times. He is usually extremely easy going and very forgiving

Are you happy to be with him? Definitely, He says something that gets me laughing every single day. I dont know what I would do without him.

Does he embarrass you in public? No, we read "Please understand me" a few years after we were married and learned to accept each other the way we are.

Does he have any piercings? NO

Any tattoos? NO

Does he have any scars that you know of? Yes, a motorcycle accident, car accident, hernia surgery

Is he a party dude or stay at home? Both, he is the life of the party when he is at one but loves to stay home and vege too

Is he outgoing or shy? Extremely Outgoing. Everybody loves him

Does he love his mama? Yes very much

Would he hang out with you and your friends? Yes, and he would be the life of that party too.

Sing? Yes, best voice I have ever heard, leads the praise at church and sings at home all the time. Even sings special songs just for me and loves to surprise me with a song.

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