Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday Miracles

Prayer for safety is on the top of my list. Anytime we go anywhere we pray for our safety and the safety of the vehicle we are riding in. Ten years ago we only prayed for our own safety. We were on the way up the coast of Oregon and Washington on our way to a family reunion. The kids were little and had fallen asleep. We were admiring the sun setting over the ocean as my hubby and I were singing "People Need the Lord". As we rounded a curve, our eyes drifted back to the road where we were face to face with a huge Elk cow. She jumped, and the top 2/3rds of her landed straight into the windshield. The windshield bent inward enough that the glass cut my hubby's hand. Amazingly the Elk rolled up onto the roof then off of my side of the car. Shattering glass flew all through the inside of the car. How that glass ended up in all of our underware is beyond me. The kids woke up when the Elk was already off the car. They cried because the front windshield was shattered and you couldn't see through it. My hubby had managed to get the car stopped so he stuck his head out the window and and pulled off the road. A man who had stopped to look at the sun set, saw the accident and was amazed we were alive. When we looked at the skid marks they were perfectly straight and on the right side of the road. We thanked God for keeping our family safe and for having the kids asleep when it happened. Of course now we pray for the safety of the vehicle as well as ourselves.

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