Thursday, March 01, 2007

Kiara's Opinion Essay

Kiara L
Opinion Essay

The history of a Mini-cooper goes back to World War II. They made Mini’s to carry a lot of people. They were small and could handle a lot of weight. They also didn’t use a lot of gas. Everyone should buy a Mini-Cooper.

Mini-Coopers are the most fashionable cars in the U.S. They are really cute and sporty. What most people like about Mini-Coopers is that they are fun to drive and have good performance.

Mini-Coopers have tables in the back. When your on a long trip or don’t have time to go home, you can get take out and eat it in the back of your car. In the Mini-Cooper convertible you can take the roof off and look cool in your car. If your in the middle of nowhere of if your camping and you don’t want to sleep in a tent you can fold down the seats and put them into the car and you can sleep in your Mini.

Mini-Coopers are very comfortable. They also have seats that are very adjustable. So if you think you too tall, you can adjust the seat to your height. So anyone can drive a Mini.

Any Mini-Cooper can be customized to have the British flag or the American flag on the roof or the back of the mirror, which is really cool. If you don’t want your mini anymore you can sell it and it has a strong resale value, so you can get most of money back.

(Mini Coopers are Kiara's favorite car and she hopes to have one some day. I had no idea they could do all these things. I want one myself. Great article Kiara! You are a star!)

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