Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Watkins Lady

Confession...I hide from the Watkins lady. Is she mean? No. Is she nice? Yes. I just don't have time, and even though I explain that mornings are not a good time, as I have to get breakfast made, lunches for everyone, teens to school and myself and hubby to work. She comes right at the very moment we need to be heading out the door, weekly, without fail. "It will just take 30 seconds" she says. Her 30 seconds becomes my 30 minutes as she tells the virtues of each and every product, carefully explaining over and over about the awards each item has won. If you explain that you don't need a spice that tastes great for steak and chicken, because you are vegetarian, she has an answer for an alternate thing you can use it on. This lady could sell dog shampoo to a person who doesn't have pets. And besides, if you take another 30 seconds (I mean 30 minutes)she will tell you all about her husband of 30 years who left her for her best friend and how she is not bitter because this other lady is such a great gal that even her own children like their stepmother better than their own mother. She says this in a sort of sad way, but with no bitterness as to evoke the deepest sympathy from the depths of your soul. Of course this is why she is a Watkins lady, so she can "make a living". And with each item you agree to order, she glances upwards and whispers "thank you Jesus" as if you just put food on the table for today. Well due to circumstances within and beyond my control, the budget is pretty tight, so I shouldn't be buying spices, pills, soaps etc that I do not need. (I have not even cracked open the ones I bought the first day we met). Unfortunately, as I was getting pics of my yard this morning for my blog, I walked out front just as she was pulling in the driveway. Yikes, I wanted to run, but she had seen me. I so nicely explained that due to medical and other circumstances I didn't have any money to buy anything, to which she reponded "How about a check?". Hmmm I guess if I have no money then I could just write a check.....(and land in jail I imagine for ISF) so I very politely said "sorry no money in the checking account either". To which she reponds "How about a post dated check". So I asked her if 6 months in the future would work. She turned, dropped her head forward, slowly shaking it as she walked back to her car mumbling "I just dont know what I am going to do" followed by mumblings of all the award winning spices that were currently 50 percent off. I high tailed it to the back yard to keep my guilt from overtaking me and buying a spice that I could get at 1/10th the price at Win Co. Might not be award winning, but affordable.

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