Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ED 19

Thirteen Things about The Time Change

1. Why are we still doing this? I understand it was so the farmers would have more daylight hours. Why is it that they cant just get up when the sun does? Who cares if that is 5 am or 6am?
2. It gets harder every year to adjust
3. The children are tired
4. Teachers don't like it, cause they say the children are tired and misbehave more
5. The dogs' schedule is all messed up. If they are used to going outside to do their business at 6 am then after the time change they still want to do it at 6 am, however this is now 7am and they have already eaten and been out twice. So back to the "no messes in the house" training.
7. People at work are tired and cranky
8. There is place in Arizona that refuses to change the time. Yeah for them and any other area that might not do it
9. Losing an hour of sleep is never a good thing. It should always be a "fall back" sort of thing. I realize in theory it wouldn't work but it my mind I could use a "fall back" every month.
10. Its hard to get a kid on a schedule, and to do a time change smoothly, you have to chnage the bed time by 10 minutes a day. A lot of work for an unnecessary thing
11. It just "feels" wrong
12. There are too many clocks to change, and for weeks I am thinking is this one on the right time or that one?
13. ITS just plain DUMB. Give me a good reason for it and I might jump on board.

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