Sunday, March 11, 2007

Sundays Festivus ED 10

Festivus...a day to air the grievances of the last week.

Hmmmm......Toliets that overflow at the most inappropriate moments, ants that go marching through my kitchen, not enough hours in the day, time changes, teens that back talk, aching feet, cakes that go awry.

My toilet has a really bad habit of overflowing right after I scrub the bathroom, just before company is coming over, and if I wash the bathroom rugs. I have picked up the habit of watching it for minutes at a time, just waiting to see if the water goes down or up. I have the plunger ready to attack at a moments notice. I would call Rotorooter, but I have a good feeling that it has more to do with how fast the toilet paper disappears, and I have to argue with myself that wiping and being clean is a good thing. It sure beats the days of small children yelling out "I'm done pooping, come wipe my butt" I have requested that a flush be performed per 1/8th roll of paper is, but I can say with certainty this is not being accomplished. I got lucky this week as it overflowed just as I was walking in to clean.

Ants. Does anyone else have ants? I dont believe in using toxic sprays, so I have to put out the Revenge and wait 3 days, so they have time to get back to their nests and share the bounty, before the numbers decrease to a stray ant here and there.

I need about 50 hours and unlimited energy in each day. I have so many things to be done, and only the ones with the most top priority actually are accomplished. I realize that this is a little bit my fault as I try to do things in a "way too perfect" manner. This means only a few tasks get done perfectly, and the rest of the place looks like a tornado hit. I did get some help from a good looking guy. Not sure who he is as my husband usually sits on the computer all day. i believe the aliens must have captured him a week ago, as this guy was helpful last Sunday too. Today he rototilled the garden, pruned half the apple tree (it is really big), cleaned up part of the garage and tore down cardboard boxes and took them to recycling. He also bought all three meals to save me cooking time and ran the teens around to their babysitting appointments. Good thing he looks like my husband, cause I think I will keep him!

Time change. I despise this time change. I need more sleep than most. And to take an hour of that away is a really mean trick. So to rebel, I drank Diet Dr Pepper all day. I not only lost an hour last night, but it is midnight and I am still going strong (I dont drink much caffeine)

Teens that talk back. Why is it that everything a parent says needs to be challenged and proved wrong? I can count on one hand the times I actually was wrong. Of coarse I remember being the same way. Well, thinking the same way, I just wasn't so verbal about it.

Aching feet. My feet were aching when I sat down to write this but they are all better now. Guess I should take a break and put them up once in a while.

Cake that went awry. Today my son's girlfriend is over and tomorrow is her birthday. Who doesn't love a birthday and a reason to celebrate? So while my son and her were babysitting, Kiara and I decided to bake a cake. I go to the cupboard to get a chocolate cake mix (her favorite), But all I have is white so we decide to throw in some chocolate chips to make it chocolate-y. Looks as if the teen boy has been into the chocolate chips, but we have a few. I need something more chocolate, so I remember that cake mixes sometimes have pudding in them, so I grab a chocolate pudding mix and tell Kiara to add it. Upon further examination, I see it is "sugar free/fat free" but oh well. Then we realize we dont have any eggs. No problem I have read that 2 T of arrowroot powder is equal to 1 egg. So Kiara adds that, We spread the cake out in the pan which is very difficult as the moisture content is missing. Seems eggs have a lot more moisture than arrowroot powder. Whoops, forgot the few chocolate chips, so Kiara sprinkles them on top, and we bake the cake. It comes out looking different, but a little frosting will fix that, so I get out the trusty Wilton recipes and put Kiara to work. We dont have any powdered sugar. No problem, isn't that what Bullet mixers are for? Although after 3 cups , at 1/2 cup at a time, I get distracted, so Kiara takes over. One of us does not blend enough and the frosting is grainy. What to do....I know. Spread it on the cake and put under the broiler to "melt" the a glaze. I thought it wasn't half bad, but hubby and Kiara said YUCK. Hubby picks up a German chocolate cake at the store when he bought the pizza's tonight. Thanks hubby for bailing me out. Do We get an A for effort?

Spelling challenged. Yes It was midnight when I wrote this post so this morning I got a huge kick out of my cake that went "a rye" instead of awry. The ensuing laughter (mine) was so worth it.

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