Saturday, December 18, 2010

God Rocks: a weekly miracle story

This week i am thanking God for keeping my Dad safe and alive. He was headed home from a store and had chest and arm pain, but he just wanted to lay down. My mom is very intuitive and said "no we are going". Then Dad wanted to go to urgent care and Mom said "no we are going to the hospital, they have the best cardiac care in the Northwest". By the time they got to the hospital the pain was horrible he rated it as way over a 10. Immediately & people were working on him and he was taken to the cath lab where they found 2 blockages and then fixed them with balloons and wire mesh. The Doctor came out and said "whoever got him here is to be commended cause he got here just in time". So God gave my mom the intuition to make him go and then to go to the hospital. God also gave the doctors the skills to fix the blockages. My Dad is feeling 100 percent better but still has some blockages on the back side of his heart so pray for him please.

Monday, December 06, 2010

Fibromyalgia and Pain meds

Whomever said narcotics do not work for Fibromyalgia probably didnt have it. Recently I was on a trip and had some of my pain meds stolen. As a result I ran out before my next prescription. I am trying to be brave, but the pain is so intense, I cant take a deep breath or even a normal breath. And I still have, and take, 2 other pain meds. I just dont have the strongest one. If you are in severe pain, talk to your doctor about trying pain meds for Fibro. Cymbalta for depression also takes the edge off the pain. It is expensive, so make sure you have good insurance coverage before getting it. TENS units that send out electrical impulses to pads you put on your skin are very helpful. The only hard part is deciding which hurting area to put it on first. Hot tubs or hot baths are helpful but mostly while you are in them. Massage is helpful as long as you ask for pressure that is not painful. If it becomes painful then it keeps hurting for days. It also helps to tell the people around you that the playful slap on the shoulder feels like being run over by a mac truck to you. My gift today from my son who is still a teen for a few more months was that he and his Dad, my hubby, put the lights on the Christmas tree and did more decorating outside. That was the best present of all.......

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving on the Larson Side of the family!!! Kiana, MOD (my other dad), Darryl, Erma, Leslie, Milt, Me, Kiara, Braden. Missing (Brittany, Jordan, Lorrie, Greg, Kerry, and Eileen)

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teens need your time

I have found that my teens need me to spend time with them doing things they enjoy in order to fill connected. Some teens need more time than others. One of my teens will find me in whatever room I am in and share trivia, stories, things they are doing. Our relationship is fairly easy. My other teen doesn't feel a connection till I spend lots of time doing things like watching shows or movies, sitting in the hot tub together, shopping etc. They both are at the age they drive and have their own cars but I find now that I don't have to take them places, I am choosing to spend time with them. Its the only way they open up and let me know what is important to them. So if your teen is difficult, try spending a tom of time with them. Even if they resist for the first 100 times. All teens really want is to be heard, understood, validated and to know that you can be fun too. My daughter tried on dresses this last week and I picked out a few choices which is usually a big no no. Anyway I told her to go ahead and try them on just for the laugh factor. And sure enough we both about died laughing. I treasure every moment because before I know it she will be all grown up.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Physician Guided Weight Loss Centers

These places are amazing. I have tried many diets and the weight came back very quickly. With this program I wasnt hungry. I ate every 2 hours and had a mini meal each day. I lost weight fairly quickly (2 to 3 pounds a week) and I havent followed the plan seriously in over a year and still lost a pound! I recent put on just a few pounds (slowly) and so am back on the program. If you have struggled with every diet plan out there, see if you have a Physician Guided Weight Loss in your area. Their success, I believe, is the ratio of protein to carbs, vitamin/enzyme injections, and Physician Counseling. Try it, what do you have to lose?

God Rocks

Wow its been a long time since I have been here! Good news is that little Issac lived. I just saw him this past weekend. He is walking and playing like any other 2 year old. Thanks to all who prayed for him

A friend of mine had an amazing story of what God can do. She got up in the middle of the night and passed out. Her husband who usually snores through everything was awakened and came to her rescue just in time. Turns out she had a heart arrthymia that only 10 percent survive from. There was many people praying for her recovery and that it would be complete healing. She is doing great!

And lastly I thank God everyday for my 2 wonderful teens!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary Dad and Mom!!!!!

Happy 50th Anniversary to my Awesome Parents!
Howard and Maris
September 17th, 1960

My grandfather Robert Lea walking my mother down the aisle
Wedding Party: Cynthia, Aunt Roberta, Mother, Father, (some guy, some dude)
Little girl my parents knew
Nice cake!
Cynthia helping Mom with the garter
Dad Lifeguarding at Lake ___________?
Fun at the beach with Dad, Mom, Bruce and his girlfriend.
Dad graduating from Andrews with a Business Degree and holding me. I was 1 month old
Dad Graduating with his Masters in Teaching
Mom holding me. My favorite picture of her. I was born April 12th, 1962
The new parents: Dad, Mom and Me!
Dad and I
My little Bro born August 29th, 1967
My Brother almost grown up
My little sister, Grandpa and Dad She was born May 13th 1970
Dad and Sis
Mom and Dad (Year????)
Dad and Mom camping (year???)
Mom and Dad (he probably tickled her) (year?????)
I love you very much and so glad you are my parents.

(See part 2 for the grandkids)