Saturday, November 13, 2010

Teens need your time

I have found that my teens need me to spend time with them doing things they enjoy in order to fill connected. Some teens need more time than others. One of my teens will find me in whatever room I am in and share trivia, stories, things they are doing. Our relationship is fairly easy. My other teen doesn't feel a connection till I spend lots of time doing things like watching shows or movies, sitting in the hot tub together, shopping etc. They both are at the age they drive and have their own cars but I find now that I don't have to take them places, I am choosing to spend time with them. Its the only way they open up and let me know what is important to them. So if your teen is difficult, try spending a tom of time with them. Even if they resist for the first 100 times. All teens really want is to be heard, understood, validated and to know that you can be fun too. My daughter tried on dresses this last week and I picked out a few choices which is usually a big no no. Anyway I told her to go ahead and try them on just for the laugh factor. And sure enough we both about died laughing. I treasure every moment because before I know it she will be all grown up.

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