Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy 50th Anniversary Dad and Mom!!!!!

Happy 50th Anniversary to my Awesome Parents!
Howard and Maris
September 17th, 1960

My grandfather Robert Lea walking my mother down the aisle
Wedding Party: Cynthia, Aunt Roberta, Mother, Father, (some guy, some dude)
Little girl my parents knew
Nice cake!
Cynthia helping Mom with the garter
Dad Lifeguarding at Lake ___________?
Fun at the beach with Dad, Mom, Bruce and his girlfriend.
Dad graduating from Andrews with a Business Degree and holding me. I was 1 month old
Dad Graduating with his Masters in Teaching
Mom holding me. My favorite picture of her. I was born April 12th, 1962
The new parents: Dad, Mom and Me!
Dad and I
My little Bro born August 29th, 1967
My Brother almost grown up
My little sister, Grandpa and Dad She was born May 13th 1970
Dad and Sis
Mom and Dad (Year????)
Dad and Mom camping (year???)
Mom and Dad (he probably tickled her) (year?????)
I love you very much and so glad you are my parents.

(See part 2 for the grandkids)

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