Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Miracles: 100 Dollars

About 20 years ago, my husband and I were responsible for buying all the laundry soap and other supplies for 2 nursing homes. We would go to Costco or similar warehouse. My husband usually brought cash from the facility. On one of our shopping trips he handed me a 100 dollar bill to hold till we got to the cash register. I was holding it with my organizer. Note I did not say "IN my organizer" which would have been the safe thing to do. I glanced down on the way to the register and the money was gone. I wanted to freak, but I immediately prayed about it while I was retracing my steps. I remember there were a lot of people milling about. I went through the whole store and as I was going down the last isle close to the front of the store, I spotted a piece of green on the floor. I ran over and sure enough, people milling all around and not a soul saw the 100 dollar bill lying on the floor. An answer to prayer! I was so relieved.

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