Monday, January 08, 2007

Tuesday's Child

Michael Job Orphanage (taken from the website)

The Michael Job Orphanage is a unique orphanage that stands as a promise of hope, a symbol of the right to live for the girl child and a blessing to each child who comes there hopeless, abandoned and a victim of persecution.

Rising from the ashes of a tragedy, the vision of this orphanage was seen and developed by Dr. P. P. Job when he lost his younger son, Michael Job, who was killed by religious fanatics because his father is a preacher of the Word of God.
In the words of Dr. Job, " There are more than one billion people in India. Out of them 400 million are children. Half of these are girls and a substantial portion of these are often abandoned at birth or not given any education. Nothing is done for these girls whose birth is considered a calamity. When my son was martyred, I thought of doing something for these children. I have started a project "Hope for the Girl Child". In this project we have an orphanage, a School, a college and a University which is in its planning stages. God took away my son, but he gave me 80 other children."
Today the Michael Job Orphanage, is home to 80 girl children ranging from the age group of 2 - 15. These young orphans are either children of persecuted Christians or of the persecutors or those who have lost their parents in natural calamities like floods and earthquakes.

Located in the southern state of Tamil Nadu the orphanage provides a safe, and clean environment for the growth of the children. The orphanage is unique in its total dedication to the development of the girl child. Apart from attending to the personal needs of the children it gives to each girl the best facilities in accommodation and care.
The aim of the Center is " to increase the girl child's capacity to define, analyze and act on their own problems until they become independent participants in society." At this impressive educational centre, the girls will also be given an opportunity to pursue higher studies even up to a doctorate level with an emphasis on learning and creativity.
These young girls are the missionaries of the next generation. When they leave our orphanage they will have a professional degree in one hand and a theological degree in the other. We have 80 young missionaries and our target is 1000! At present we have 320 children awaiting sponsorship.

Ramani is the child that I am sponsoring although it takes 4 people to fully sponsor a child. Her parents were missionary's and they and Ramani's sister lost their lifes in a freak accident. These accidents happen a lot to Christian families over in India. If you would like to help please go to The Michael job Center site and search for Ramani or any of the other girls there. Then you can fill out your sponsorship.


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