Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sundays Festivus ed 1

Sunday's Festivus

A day to air my grievances

Festivus is suppose to be how others have disappointed you, however I prefer my version, which is how myself and my circumstances have disappointed me. This weeks grievances include #1. My annual sickness of three illnesses in a row is in the 4th week and I am so tired of being sick! (note to self --start anti sickness routines in November and continue through January next year) #2. It is Jan 7 and I still have to take down my outdoor lights. ( a blog I read recently mentioned watching to see how long it takes people to take down their lights) and #3 RAIN. I usually don't mind, but we have had more than our share this year! The backyard has miniature lakes and the dogs have to be pushed out the door to go potty even with raincoats on. Not to mention the mess their feet make upon reentry.

Addendum: Today has more grievances than I can imagine. First of all Our littlest Chihuahua, who has continually made our Chocolate lab and other Chihuhua look like "model" dogs that should charge a premium for their offspring, managed to pee on himself (dont even ask) and needed a bath first thing this morning. Less than an hour later he poo'd on the family room carpet. Which brings me to my next grievance. He also ate two throat lozenges with the wrappers this last week. As I trying to grab the wrapper out of his mouth he turned and did this "gulping as fast as he could" thing and the wrapper was gone. SO now he has an extreme case of the "trots". In the midlle of the night he so kindly decided to let us sleep and relieved himself on our dirty laundry, so I have been washing out clothes all morning. As a result, he was banned to the huge kennel we use on occasion for our labrador. He is let out at regular intervals to do his business outside. You would think we had put him in a straight jacket for all the noise he is making about not being able to be part of the "pack" and climb all over us when we are sitting. You would also think that as some point he would figure out that if he asked to go outside (and actually do the business outside), he would not be in such a predicament. But NO.... Less than a minute from coming in from one of his outdoor adventures, he poo'd in the kennel, and then danced through it trying to get our attention. Effective I must say. I cleaned it up and flushed it only to have the toilet start to overflow. As I was plunging the toilet and my husband was cleaning carpets I mentioned that I was so happy I declared a Festivus so I could "Air my Grievances". The laughter that ensued was SOOO worth it! I am wondering what MESSES the rest of the day has for me. AHHHH I feel better now. What are you grievances? Leave a positive accounting of your grievances in comments. You'll feel better, I promise!

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Coming tomorrow on Monday Musings "Microwaves-Are they safe?"


Qtpies7 said...

Thanks for visiting my website! I think it would be great to be cheering on our sons in the olympics together!
You may post a link to my site about Trin destroying my house, lol, she does it on a daily basis. It happens too much to even blog about, lol. Maybe I should blog it all, and then have something to hold over her head when she's a teen, hehe.
God bless,

Anonymous said...

Wow! The dog poo disasters. You make me want to run right out and get a dog! Hehehehe!

Mine is up...

Happy Sunday Festivus!