Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Microwaves: Are they safe?

Research says NO.

The facts are that microwaving causes the atoms, molecules, and cells in food to reverse polarity billions of times persecond, causing friction, the more friction the more heat. This ocilliation tears and deforms the molecular structure of food. These damaged food New compounds are formed which are not found in nature.
cells can cause cancer because free radicals circulate in a persons blood within hours of eating microwaved food. Microwaving also leads to malfuctions in the lymphatic system and decreases the body's ability to protect itself. The microwaved foods caused stomach and intestinal cancerous growths. They also lowered the body's ability to utilize vitamins b-complex, C, E, plus essential minerals and lipotropics. In people with allergies, 99.9 percent show severe sensitivity to any microwaved food.

If you would like to do an experiment yourself, plant seeds in two different pots. Water one with tap water and the other with microwaved water (allow to cool).`the seeds that recieved microwaved water will not grow!

In 1876 Russia banned microwaves becasue of their negitive health consequences and many studies were conducted on their use.

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