Sunday, January 28, 2007

Sundays Festivus ed 4

This weeks grievances...hmmmm oh yes. I have not been able to post all week as I added too many slide shows to my blog and it froze up my computer each time I signed on. I finally went to my mom's house and disabled them so I can post again. YEAH!!! Little Dude (our Chihuahua with a personal potty problem) has been behaving himself and going potty in the acceptable places (outside). Another yeah! I did get mildly frustrated this week at my family after they take showers. They do not put down the absorbent bath mat, so I walk into the bathroom with my socks on and feel the cold moisture soaking in. Plus the last person in the shower is supposed to pick up the bath mat and hang to dry, close the shower curtain and push the button on the Dow Automatic Shower Cleaner (which I might add is a wonderful invention, it sprays Dow Bathroom Cleaner all over. The scrubbing bubbles work hard so I don't have to!) In addition there is always a pile of newspapers. SO last week I posted the rules. #1 Each person has there own color of towel (useful in many ways of detective work) and if you use someone else's towel you can help with all towel washing the next week. #2 If you do not put down the floor mat the you are to wear socks into the kitchen where I will pour some water and you can walk through it (HAHA) and you can clean the bathrooms the next week. #3 If you left a mess in the bathroom and did not pick up the bathmat or push the cleaner button you will be taking baths in the other bathroom for a week! I am amused to report that my entire family other than me (and the rules were posted in the bathroom next to the shower) will be taking baths instead of showers, walking around in wet socks, cleaning the bathrooms and washing/ folding towels for an entire week! YEAH FOR ME!!!!!

What are your grievances? Leave a message in comments and I will link to your site.

Tune in tomorrow for What smell is both great and awful, and what can it do for your health?


Anonymous said...

Nice! A week off! I don't clean the bathrooms, except maybe every few months to deep clean. I have a room for everyone to clean, and I am not included in that, hehe. I do laundry, and the kitchen once a week, plus my room and baby/toddler care.
The system doesn't work all that well, but its better than nothing. And I know who to yell at when its not clean.

stacitee said...

Okay, this made me laugh. Wet socks! No towel! Hee! I probably won't get a festivus up this week unless I do it after the kids are in bed tonight. Travelling with a preschooler and a baby = tons of work for mommy. Much less time for blogging, that is for sure!