Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ed 12

Thirteen Things that should never be said

Thank you to Le Laquet for the header!
Here are a few of the comments that have been said to my sister, my self and my daughter....

1.You look awful! (Even if you were sick, this comment can make you feel your worst)
2.So when is the baby due? (I have been asked this question when I was skinny and wore a size 6 and worked on my abs at a gym 6 days a week)
3.When are you and your hubby going to have kids? (Some may be waiting but others may be infertile and this question will bring tears to their eyes)
4.Have you gained weight? (Another depressing comment as everyone I know, does not set out to GAIN weight)
5.You used to live in a mobile home didn't you? (puts you back in your place, if you have ever had to live in one)
6.You could do better. (when talking about another persons choice of boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse)
7.Its time to retire that shirt. It makes you look old. (if you didn't realize you were old this comment will make you feel it)
8.Your daughter has such dark hair! Is she adopted?" (Just because mom has light hair doesn't mean dad does)
9.Guess what! We are having a baby! Hey, hows the infertility treatments going?" (self explanatory)
10.Your daughter has such dark hair! Is her dad......????" (Is her dad what? Dark haired? Why yes, he is!)" (Shamefully inappropriate)
11."You just need to relax... then you will get pregnant." (appropriate only for newlyweds that have been trying for less than a month)
12.How much weight have you lost? Wow! You must feel SO much better now! (no actually I feel about the same, I might feel great when I am a size 2 however)
13.Do you have my size 2 jeans? (Why I thought I put on my size 14 jeans this morning but could you check the tag back there? )

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