Sunday, January 21, 2007

Sundays Festivus Ed 3

This weeks festivus once again includes our littlest Chihuahua "Little Dude" he finally got over his intestinal problems from the swallowed wrapper. Now however he enjoys retrieving choice things out of the bathroom trash. He runs all over with these choice items and some of them even stain the hallway carpet. So while I picked my trash and my hubby cleaned the carpets. The moment he was done he let the dogs back in and our huge chocolate lab ran all the way to the bedroom with muddy feet. I will post a pic of them and their sweet sister in just a little bit. Then you will see why we put up with them. Especially Little Dude as he is cuddly and cute. What is your grievances this week? If you leave a comment I will leave a link to your site.

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Anonymous said...

Everytime I see a cute puppy and wonder to myself if I should get a dog again... I will think of this story and step away from the puppy!

Anonymous said...

I did my Sunday Festivus this week.
My dog got jealous of our dog sitting and decided to start marking his territory in the house, ON MY COUCH. He's not allowed in without being on a leash now.