Thursday, January 04, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ed 11

Thirteen Things about My New Years Resolutions

1. Listen to “Its just another New Years Eve” by Barry Manilow like my sis and I have done for years, and it just doesn't feel right till I hear it. And now I am adding Clay Aiken singing “What are you doing New Years Eve”

2. Have someone wake me up to see the ball drop like every year since I was a kid, because try as I might I just cant stay awake

3. Go completely vegan, I am almost there I just have a hard time giving up the cheese pizza!

4. Sugary items down to no more than once a week. I am finding out sugar causes cancer, violence and ages the skin!

5. Read my entire bible this year. I always make a great start but never finish all the way

6. Stay off caffeine except for “stay awake” emergencies. And no making up an emergency just to get some

7. De junk my entire house, garage, and shed (no good place for a pile of junk)

8. Plant raspberry bushes (you cant go wrong with a raspberry and then I will have blueberries, cherries and raspberries)

9.Make a rose garden Nothing better than roses on the kitchen table anytime you want.

10.Put more pictures on my blog because the pictures are the interesting things.

11. Save more money to help the poor at Christmas time. 50 percent more than this year

12. Write more thank yous
13. Post a Thursday Thirteen every week!
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Anonymous said...

LOL! I need to finish #7, my husband helped me clean the shed out, his domain is the garage, so that leaves the Entire house to me!
My mom had raspberry bushes that did very well! I love raspberries.

Planting a rose garden is on my list of things to do this year too.

Happy TT!

Anonymous said...

#7 is an issue for me too. Right now, i have yet to take down Christmas... It's driving me nuts! I love Christmas, but I want my house back :O) Happy TT!

Chickadee said...

The sugar and caffiene are two of my biggest weaknesses. I had no idea that sugar can cause cancer! That might be enough incentive to cut back!

My 13 is up.

Anonymous said...

Good list.

I'll never de junk my life, too much junk around.

My 13 are up.

Laughing Muse said...

I long ago resolved not to ever make New Year's resolutions. That way I won't try and use the justification "Oh, but it's already October, I can just wait on making this change until the new year starts."

Because otherwise I'd become Queen of Procrastinators :D

Anonymous said...

cute! you have big plans... that is good!

"shoot for the moon. even if you miss, you land among the stars"

i read that somewhere... can't remember...

happy TT!

Anonymous said...

hey, also, go to rocks in my dryer... she just came up with a Blogging101 type thing to help answer questions that new bloggers have. very cool!

The Shrone said...

I don't know how anyone could give up cheese pizza! Good luck in your attempt. I posted my resolutions, too!

Raggedy said...

vegans can't eat cheese? IDNKT
I hope you reach all the goals you listed.
The music tradition sounds neat.
Rasberries sound yummm!
Have a wonderful Thursday!
My TT is posted

Anonymous said...

I suppose I could survive being a vegan if I was able to eat all the veggie pizza I wanted. That would work.

Anonymous said...

You would think that people had more sense wouldn't you?!? And I had such a thrill to see one of my headers ~ whoop!! :o) Happy TT

Anonymous said...

Great TT. I thought of another one that should be on the list!

"Haven't you had that baby yet?"

Um, I had the baby 4 days ago... thanks for making me feel even FATTER!

Anonymous said...

Sound like alot of rude comments! I don't think any of those should ever be said, either.

Raggedy said...

lol or things you can say to get your clock
Have a wonderful Thursday
My TT is posted

Anonymous said...

Things to say that will land you in the ER for the night ...
good thirteen!: )

Anonymous said...

You're absolutely right on those points :D

Great list!

Happy TT!


You are very right 100%. It is very important that we take care of the words we put out.
My T13 is up too.

Anonymous said...

Boff, (that's what I say when nothing bothers me anymore) just try not to listen to stupid people's questions and if they ask if your child is adopted just say "no, she is not but I don't know who is her father". and then smile kindly. That helps.

Anonymous said...

Great list! Yes, those are definitely things that shouldn't be said. As an adoptee, I can't tell you how many times I've heard "You don't look like your mom or you sister." Or since my husband and I are childless (by choice) we hear #3 a lot. People can be so rude!

Happy T13!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if everyone thought about what they were going to say BEFORE they actually said it?! Great list! Would love for you to visit mine!

Anonymous said...

My least favorite was, "you have been married X amount of years, and you don't have kids? what's wrong with you?" The problem was a lot of the times it was my coworkers and they would ask the same dumb questions, and I would spill my whole heart out answering, they would ask me again in 6 months. BAH! I got used to saying, "If God wants us to have kids, we will."

All of those are very true, and I have heard a lot of those berfore.

Qtpies7 said...

Good post! Some people say the dumbest things. I had a hard time thinking of TT topics, but I think I got some great ideas from your post! 13 stupid things people say when you have a large family or things to say when people say stupid things about your large family! We've got one comment that made a lady fall over laughing at my husband!

Anonymous said...

Some people don't think before they talk, that's the sad thing.

My 13 are up.