Monday, February 19, 2007

Surprises for me!!!

I got a surprise today!!!! And my teens did it for me! I have had a rough week. Not only has it been extremely busy, my usual Friday cleaning did not get done this week. I also had extra baking to do so the dishes, table and other rooms were piled high with stuff. I could have caught up on Sunday, but I got a light case of the stomach flu. Monday found me working later than usual. By the time I was ready to go home, I didn't want to go, as I knew the work that was waiting for me, and I knew everyone would want dinner too. But home I went. As I walked in the front door I was surprised by a clean house compliments of my teens and Del Taco for dinner by my sweet hubby! It feels like I have never needed it more than I did tonight. What a super family! That is worth at least another 6 months of mommy slave labor! (shhh dont tell them that) LOL (I will post a pic tomorrow when it is light enough to get a good one)

Tune in tomorrow for Tuesday's Tips: Cornstarch: it thickens more than food and what to do with Guar Gum


Stacitee said...

Yay for surprises. Yay for help. Yay for not having to do everything by yourself. Sorry I took Kiara away on Friday so your house didn't get cleaned. But I'm so glad I went to the doctor that day, because I feel so much better today. FINALLY! Yay for being well!

Pam said...

No problem I was happy to share her. It was more a combo of a lot of things. And I am glad yo are feeling better!