Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Birth Story Number 2 Kiara

Our Seven QTpies is hosting a birth story contest, so once you are done here, post your own birth story on your blog and then head on over to her site to leave a link. Happy reminiscing!

This child is a miracle too as they found later that my Uterus was folded in half and they said it was good I got pregnant when I did case I ,ost likely would not be able to have more children. The cool thing about this pregnancy is that I always thought I would have boys. I never imagined I would have a girl. My hubby and I saw that all our friends were having trouble getting pregnant, so we were surprised to find out I was pregnant. Even more surprising is the fact I thought "what will I do with a girl", I had never thought about having a girl. After that I was drawn to girl clothes, pink things and girl toys. I never had an ultrasound, but I KNEW she was a girl.

I was so traumatized from the birth of my son, I was terrified once I figured out I was pregnant again. A friend told me about herbs the Indians take. I read up on them, and with the permission of my Doctor, I started taking them, as well as Raspberry Tea daily. It is said these herbs strengthen the uterus, so when the time is right the uterus is more effective at labor. I woke up on the exact day she was due and felt like I had a light case of the cramps. An hour later it was just a bit stronger so I went in to take a bath and call my mother. I told her I thought it was false labor as the contractions were jumping around from 8 to 10 min apart, however within 40 minutes they went from 8 to 10 minutes apart, straight to to 2 minutes apart. I was instructed to go to the hospital when they were 4 to 5 min apart and regular, but that never happened. It was 8 minutes apart, then every 2 minutes apart, so I still thought it was false. I could talk through all of them. My mother decided to fly out even though it didn't seem like today was the day. Finally after an hour of light contractions every 2 minutes I decided I better go get checked out. We parked in the parking lot and I remember on the walk in just having to stop and breath through the contraction. I had monthly cramps that hurt as bad as this and the break between contractions was awesome! I got to the labor and delivery floor where they were so full I was put in a holding room to assess whether I was really in labor. Upon exam I was 6 cm and they rushed me to a room and said I could have an epidural. I thought I really wasn't hurting bad enough but I knew it could be a while before the doc got there so I said yes. Well the doc was in the next room so he came right over. The needle hurt worse than the contraction. Thirty minutes later, it didn't seem like I was making progress, so they broke my water. My mom arrived and with in 40 minutes the nurse looked at my face and said DONT PUSH. No problem, I didn't feel a need to push and I had no idea what she was so worried about. She was a smart nurse as I was at 10cm. The Doc arrived and made me promise I would push. I pushed two times and she was half way out. My hubby made the comment "Its a boy, it looks just like Braden" Our first boy. I said "NO ITS A GIRL" pushed one more time and SHE was out. All 8 pounds 9 ounces of her. Then the Doc said made me promise to push the placenta out so I did, but I did such a good job that extra stuff went all over his shoes! Whoops. He looked up at me with this disgusted look, so I said "you are the one who said to push!" It was so easy, we had a pizza party with friends an hour later in the hospital room and they couldn't believe I had just had a baby! And once I had her I realized I wold have been so disappointed had I not had a girl. She is my kindred spirit/daughter as we think a like on a lot of subjects. We did everything together when she was little. She was the best kind of shadow to have. And people think we look a like. I don't know how, as she is so beautiful but I am so happy they see a resemblance because I always thought mother and daughters that looked a like were so cute!


Qtpies7 said...

That is so sweet! Its nice to have a good birth! My first was TRAUMATIC. I had to have physical therapy to walk again! My second preg was traumatic, I miscarried a twin, but the birth wasn't too bad after the 6 months of labor and 4 days of HARD labor. I posted my 3rd, probably my easiest and best all around. My next 2 were induced, which was actually great, for me. My 6th was induced, but it stunk and ended in an emergency c. And then Sam, he was a planned c that got bumped up due to my water breaking.

Stacitee said...

So glad Kiara's birth was easier than Braden's. It gave me hope that my second would be easier than my first. Yay for birth stories!