Monday, February 26, 2007

Mondays Miracles: Plantar Fasciitis

After years of working in hospitals with concrete floors I finally succumbed to Plantar fasciitis, a fancy term for fallen arches. You are probably thinking so what? So your feet are flat now.....Actually it feels like you have a large stone under each arch, every step is painful, even standing is painful. If you are lucky you will be sent to a prosthesis maker and you will get custom made orthotics that are basically a plastic piece that is made from a mold of your foot. This wonderful thing. along with a good, thick, soft cushion, that they will give you as well, will fit in a shoe that is flat and a size too big for you. Make sure you don't get sent where all my nursing friends were sent. They got these hard flat arch supports also called orthotics and most of them wouldn't wear them as why would you want to wear a hard old thing when it feels like what you really need is a huge cushion? The trick is you have to wear them ALL the time. Want to wear some fip flops....No too painful. High heels...Not for you, barefoot....OW! Maybe after a good nights rest? Nope, resting makes the overworked muscles tighten up and you will have to walk off the stiffness and walking hurts remember. So several years into this I was asked to be the Head Deaconess with responsibilities such as greeting, picking up offering, heading up potlucks and preparing baskets for new members. Basically, too much walking. So I decided I couldn't do the job justice and that I needed to resign. As I was standing in the shower my feet were aching and I prayed "God if you want me to do this job please heal my feet, and if not thats okay, I will resign so someone else can do it". While I was praying, I felt this electric tingling go down my legs and into my feet. And I realized the pain was GONE! I tried high heels, low heels, med heels, flip flops, barefoot, all without pain! I was so grateful I thanked God everyday for months for healing my feet. I have kept my job as Head deaconess, and every time a wear a cute, fitted shoe or walk through the house barefoot, I think about this miracle and I thank him again.

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