Saturday, February 24, 2007

Sundays Festivus Ed 7

A day to air your grievances about your circumstances this past week in a positive, funny manner. (behold the festivus poles in all their plainness) I have read that the festivus poles are not to be decorated, to keep it as simple as possible. If you do not know what a Festivus is, it came from the show Seinfeld. George's father wanted an alternative holiday where everyone aired their grievances about each other! It was hilarious. George's Dad called it a "Festivus for the Rest Of Us".

My grievance this week is about housecleaning. (None of these things happen during the week when the house is not clean)

Why is it that once the kitchen floor has been scrubbed to a sparkling shine, that you are so proud of, that the dogs (or kids) track mud in? Or the bathroom floor that once clean, becomes a "yard" for dogs to poop on?

Why is it when you clean the kitchen and make sure every dish is clean and put away, that your 2 children who are home for 2 1/2 hours (not meal time either) are able to dirty 10 glasses, 3 plates and a bowl?

Why is it that after vacuuming the family room floor the large chocolate lab will bring in a small log and proceed to turn it into sawdust?

Why is it that washing the bathroom rugs is a dangerous venture, as cats and dogs alike think it doesn't smell quite right and will pee and poo on it to help it get that back yard smell? I once bought a white bathroom rug and it never stayed on the floor for more than overnight before one of the cats branded it. I finally got rid of it.

Why is it that when the sink is clean your hubby will pick that precise moment to wash off something very dirty that really should be washed outside?

Why is it that once you get the computer cords all separated and organized with ties that is when the boys have new stuff and have to mess around till they are all tangled again?

Why is it that when you are ready to make lunch you find that someone (the invisible family member) has eaten the ingredients and you end up having leftover pizza?

Why is it that airing my grievances helps me feel so much better and I can go about cleaning up the messes with a happy heart? I imagine that airing them helps me to release the frustration and all I have left is the "happy".

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