Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sundays Festivus ed 6

This weeks grievances include Little Dude and rude introductions

Little Dude had been behaving himself quite well. He was relieving himself in the appropriate places (outside, outside, and outside) That is up until this last week when he managed to find a bean burrito and eat half of it before anyone noticed. Now first of all where does a Chihuahua find a bean burrito? The garbage can is way too tall and when we get burritos, they are eaten before you can say John Jacob Jingle Hymer Schmidt. The "where he got it" is still a mystery. Since then I have walked through poo that was on the bathroom rug (easier to clean) and walked it over to the hallway rug (much more difficult to clean), it got on my new light pink slippers (moderately difficult to clean) and smelled up the bedroom before I figured out what had happened. He has poo'd in his kennel each and everytime qwe have left him in there and has to get up several times a night to go potty. If he didn't cuddle up so sweetly on my shoulder and bounce around on his hind legs like a ballerina, I might not have the strength to clean up all the messes. Now for the rude part. My father in law sings coutry gospel and has 3 CD's out. He has a beautiful voice. You can see his web site Parson Larson by clicking on the link in my sidebar. Last night he had a concert in and the gentleman introducing him, am sure meant no harm, but this is the way he was introduced: "Parson Larson is singing for us tonight. He has a little twang to his music and that turns some people off. But I am here because I like his kind of music, and I am happy to be here". Something like that. I was horrified. Later he came up to my mother in law and said "I dont mean anything rude but your husband has a great voice for an old person". I think they need to get a new announcer OR lessons in diplomacy! (doubly horrified)

What are your grievances this week? Leave a comment and I will add a link to your site.



Stacitee said...


Okay, now I'll go read the festivus.

Stacitee said...

Okay, so bring slippers with a thick sole when visiting your house. Got it.

Also, shame on the rude guy who introduced Parson Larson!

Hey, it looks like you ended up with a green blog and I'll probably end up with a pink one. Isn't your favorite color pink/magenta? And isn't mine green? Hehehehe!

Pam said...

Yes but how refreshing to have something different and I LOVE it! Can't wait to see yours!