Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cornstarch and Guar Gum

I really honestly think I have not lost my mind. However I went looking for the info I had read on Cornstarch. I remember it said that the cornstarch coats the insides of your blood vessels. However since I cannot find that information, I will shelf it till a later date. I even surfed the net for any hint of health problems. The only sites I did find had been disabled. So on to Guar Gum. Guar Gum is from the ground seeds of an Indian tree. It has 8 times the thickening power of cornstarch so it you need a teaspoon of cornstarch use 1/8 t Guar Gum. It you need a Tablespoon of cornstarch use 3/8 of a teaspoon. So far I have tried it in homemade salad dressing, gravies and other sauces. It swells when wet so does not need to be heated however you can heat it in a gravy with no problems. The only caution is, it takes a while to thicken and if you think you will help it out and add more, you will end up with a solid mass of uneatable gunk. You can find Guar Gum in health food stores. For more info go to this site. I buy Bob's Red Mill brand and here is that site. There does seems to be health concerns, but that was when they were selling it in capsules as a diet control. Hello people out there, a substance that swells to 8 times its size when it gets wet is gonna cause some problems! They said there were numerous cases of intestinal obstruction DUH. However if it has already swelled in your gravy and sauces then there is no need for concern. No blockage for you! It is also used in ice cream as it thickens without forming ice crystals. So surprise! If you have eaten ice cream you have eaten Guar Gum.

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