Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kiara gets top score!

Kiara got the top score in her class on her last assignment! I am so proud of you Kiara! And we just had her Parent-Teacher conference. The teacher said Kiara was "her sunshine". That she is always happy, respectful, and has a great attitude. And on top of that she had assignment after assignment with 100 percent. Some even had more than 100 percent because of extra credit! Kiara had a goal of 1 B and the rest A's and she met her goal!!! Way to go!!!!! The picture is of Kiara and her teacher.


Stacitee said...

Yay for Kay!

Anonymous said...

Kiara, I am so proud of you! Whow, you are "smokin" the school scene. Doesn't take much to bust a grandma's buttons but you have popped them all! When someone tells me my children or grandchildren are respectful and kind whow it is like good medicine. Love you, Grams