Sunday, April 08, 2007

Transformation Tuesday

A weekly journey into the transformation of our yard and garden. I have delusions of having a yard that looks like Heathers, so don't pop my bubble. I don't have a lot of resources so I will have to be creative. Besides the thought of taking a pic to blog will keep me motivated.

Here is the first mess we made this spring doing a heavy pruning of our apple tree.

And here is what it looks like now....

Here is my progress on the garden. Nothing has come up yet on day 9. I have carrots, radishes, herbs, broccoli......

Here is a picture of my side yard called "no mans land". Last year when my hubby was building the shed/deck thing

All the scrap building materials were thrown into "no mans land" This by the way is after 2 Sundays of working on it. Imagine how it looked before!

Here is the shed/deck that is like a blank slate for flowers, grape vines etc. This shed is used to house the riding lawn mower and just last week hubby build shelves by the windows so I could grow starts for the garden! I am so excited. I LOVE LOVE LOVE growing things.

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