Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Thursday Thirteen ED 21

My beautiful mother

Thirteen Things about my mother

1 She is loves all her children and grandchildren like a mother bear.

Mom, Dad, Kiara, Braden and myself at the Christmas Tree Farm

2. She is very giving when she finds out you need something
3. She is a great worker. She stayed at home and babysat till I was twelve then went to school to become a medical assistant. She has worked in doctors offices ever since.
4. She loves beautiful things in nature
5. She loves taking pictures and video's and helps me find the pictures I need on many occasions, even staying up late past her bedtime to help me.
6. She loves the ocean and will even go to the ocean to take pictures of it all by herself

My Mom as a baby

7. She taught us to respect others mail and purses. I still cant even peek at the insides of another persons purse or mail.
8. She taught us to try as much as possible to be fair. She always counted the presents at Christmas time to make sure we all got the same amount. I still do that for my kids.
9. She hates having her picture taken

At the Pumpkin Patch they have this little cabin we get pics at.

10. She loves her country. 4th of July is a special holiday for her, and we wont even be here to celebrate as we will be on a mission trip this year :(
11. She will come and sit with you in the emergency room or hospital room to keep you company

My Mom with my daughter when she was small

12. Even though she didn't care for cooking she found several dishes we all liked and those have become our favorite dishes. I really admire her for that as I know a lot of women who won't even try. She even makes strawberry jam for my dad and used to make pies. Pretty good when thats not her thing.
13. She worries about us. She worries that she worries too much, but isn't nice when you have someone to worry about you? I think so....Love you MOM!

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