Sunday, April 01, 2007

Sunday's Festivus ED 13

A day to air your grievances about the situations you find yourself in during the week....

I have a few so sit down and grab a hot drink. (or if you live where its hot, an iced drink)

This week my grievances include: single girls on a mission, broken washers, ants, overflows and cheap bookcases.

Single girls on a mission: This is not the kind of mission that your church goes on! Girls who are fully aware that a guy is married and relentlessly flirt, send private messages and try to plan meetings are on my list as TOP OFFENDERS. Here's a tip. Once you find out a guy is married....hmmmm.....FIND YOUR OWN GUY. Even if he is good looking, nice, and funny. It is commandment number 10 "do not covet your neighbors spouse" (neighbor meaning anyone, not just someone who lives next to you. In bible times there was no way to know someone who hadn't actually come close enough to be your neighbor) Now there are tons of girls who flirt with my hubby. Most of it you can tell is innocent, however every few months there is one who goes over the top with hugs, batting eyes, inching me out of the way, calling on the pretense of business, or if they live far away like the current one does just leaving flirty messages and hinting about meeting.

Broken washers: If you find yourself depressed about your piles of laundry then think about your washer smelling liked burned rubber and not able to finish a cycle. A whole week of no laundry being washed. All of a sudden instead of a chore, the washing machine felt like "my best friend" had left. So what to do.......Since we are going on a mission trip to Ecudaor and needed to save the tax return to help pay for it, I read up on the symptoms, got a part from the appliance store, downloaded instructions, and put hubby to work. Once we got inside and saw how complicated it was, we decided it was beyond us. We went back to the appliance store and low and behold they had a used set that was almost exactly like mine. It was a fairly good price so we had it delivered that very day. I was so happy! I had my laundry all ready. But when I dried my first load it came out sort of damp after 60 minutes. Each subsequent load I had to dry for 90 minutes, and some clothes were still damp. SO back to the appliance store. We bought new this time. However when the technition installed the dryer it was making this weird thump thump sound. It was my lucky day as he was a dryer repair man as well. He took the entire thing apart, adjusted a rubber wheeel thing, and put it back together. It has worked great ever since. The washer is wonderful as well. I have two new best friends "Mrs washer and Mr dryer" (and no I am not flirting with Shannon Dryers husband over at Rocks in my Dryer LOL)

Thank you to my mom and Dad who have been washing towels continuously since THursday, except for during the "Sabbath", to help me catch up on laundry.

Being Seventh Day Adventists we try to get our houses fully clean by Friday at sunset time for our weekly "Friday sunset to Saturday sunset" vacation. During this time we do No work. I look forward to it each and every week. But the preparation for this day, I do not look forward to as much. Funny thing is, it seems all the disasters happen on Friday's when I have most of the house clean. Here's what happened this week.

Ants: for the past 6 weeks I see a stray ant here and there during the week and I put out the "Revenge" treat. However on Friday, I wake up to a counter full of ants. And lately they are not interested in the Revenge. This time they were hiding under the kitchen towel. This was a clean towel that might have been a little damp. The only thing I can think of is that they were looking for water. This is especially annoying because we have guests a lot on Saturday's, and have limited counter space. You cant really serve food on a counter with ants!

A single ant that was left. Notice he is not interested in the poison cocktail I left for him. I freak when I see small moving things so I forget to get a picture of the "swarm" earlier.

Another weekly event at our house that seems to only be happening on Friday or Saturday Morning's is the OVERFLOW. Toilet overflow that is. This week was especially bad. I was holding the insides of the toilet to stop the water flow, plunging, and yelling for help. no one could hear me as the rather loud fan in the other bathroom was on. The flood was inching toward the carpet in the hallway as my hubby came by and ran to get the carpet cleaner that sucks up liquid. Thanks hubby for saving me from the Flood!

This was a fully cleaned company ready bathroom before the "flood"

Bookcases: We recently got two bookcases for my books which seem to be everywhere. I LOVE books and refer back to them frequently. A few years ago I gave a whole trunk loadful to the church, but the remaining books seem to multiply when we aren't looking. The bookcases were inexpensive basic ones and when we put them up they leaned forward a bit. There was a strap to attach them to the wall, but that hasn't happened yet. We are also storing computer monitors in our living room to sell and make money for our mission trip (no they aren't stolen-they were purchased to help make money for the trip) I assumed everything would be okay. No kids bouncing around to knock them over. Well as you guessed it we heard a loud crash early Friday morning and found the bookcase laying on top of the monitors, and books, plants, dirt everywhere.

What are your grievances this week? Leave a Mr Linky to link to your site and don't forget to leave a comment. It will help me feel better....I promise. You can also leave a comment if you are not participating in Sunday Festivus.

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