Thursday, April 05, 2007

Bloggity mistakes and Busy as a bee

My bloggity mistake is not remembering to take pictures! I had the nicest boys ring my door bell the other day. They wanted to pull weeds. So I asked them how much they charged, to which they responded 3 dollars. So I showed them the plants I definitely wanted to keep and let them go at it. They worked for an hour straight. And although it doesn't look like an adult did it, it does look 100 percent better. I paid them more than 3 dollars too. After they left I realized I should have gotten a picture. If they come back again (I hope they do) I will get a pic of them and before and after pics of the yard. I am learning!

I have been so busy! I haven't even had time to get on here! It seems like every time I go to sit down there is something else I need to do. I have a feeling this busyness will last through the summer as gardens, yards and fund raising for a mission trip takes up a lot of my time!

Any one have any short cuts that will leave me with more computer time?

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