Monday, April 23, 2007

God Rocks: a weekly Miracle story

Braden and his girlfriend Andrea

My son has had a reading problem from Kindergarten on up. In Kindergarten the teacher was concerned because usually by the end of the year the students are getting some of the letters of a word right. He got the first letter and sometimes the last letter. The rest made no since at all. I LOVE to read so I read up on what makes a good reader and I had been reading to him and his sister since they were babies. He was put in phonics classes, we were giving copious amounts of reading homework, every summer I would go through a reading program with him. I spend many hours reading assignments to him because nothing worked. The teachers said he knew the phonics so well he would teach the rest of slow readers, yet he couldn't read. This of course affected his grades. Finally in 6th grade I said "Braden, it is going to get harder and harder for you if you cant read, we have tried everything, (He was tested and the results showed he was reading at a 2 nd grade/month 4 level) lets pray about it. So right there in his room, we prayed that God would heal his reading problem so he could get good grades and persue his dream of being an annesthesiologist. At the end of the first semester of 6th grade we had a parent teacher conference. She was slightly concerned because his reading was tested and he was reading at a beginning 6th grade level!!!!!! We thanked the Lord and he improved steadily over the next two years. In 8th grade he got straight A's and now in Highschool the majority of his grades are A's!

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