Monday, April 16, 2007

God Rocks: A Weekly Miracle Story

When My hubby told me one day that he needed me to be his nurse at the Dementia Faciltiy, I was excited. Then I found they had just had a State survey and I had to fix the problems for the Resurvey. Couple that with it being a "Residential Care Facility" with very different rules than the other places I have worked. I prayed daily that God would show me what we needed to work on to give the best care possible and to be able to show that to the surveyors. When the State resurveyed they sent one guy. We showed him all the changes we had made and about a half hour into the session he said "They told me I was crazy to come back myself, that I would need at least 2 surveyors and 2 days" "I am done, but I will spend a little longer because they will never believe me that it was that easy" Within 2 hours he was gone and had cleared us of all the deficiencies that were present when we arrived. Praise God for showing us how to give good care and good documentation!

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