Monday, April 30, 2007

Braden 16 year birthday letter

I noticed that I never published this. It is now 6 yesrs later but I read it and its worth publishing. 


Today you will go and take the test to get your driving license. I cant believe how fast the years have gone by. You have worked very hard towards the goal of getting your license. You have studied hard, persisted in driving even when we freaked out every time you drove,and did drivers ed in a car that you didn't like driving. . I am still not ready for you to grow up and be so independent, but that is the job of a mother, to work hard at putting yourself out of business. I have tried hard to think of every possible situation you might find yourself in and give you tips on how to stay safe. Now my job is almost over and I will have to trust God to keep you safe. Your father and I are very proud of you. We are happy that you work hard at keeping up your grades, you are helpful (once we get through the whining phase), you play sports after school, you were part of the drama team this year, you made us wonderful and useful things in shop class this year. We are really enjoying the entryway coat rack, the organizer box, the shelf with housecoat hooks in our bedroom, the frame, the step stool and the bird/plant hanger.

This year I realized why the last year we had no apples on the apple tree. The neighbor told us it produces the best apples ever, so I started thinking about it and a thought about boys and missiles came to mind. Sure enough, I asked you and you had some fun with a sling shot and almost every single apple.

The last 3 Sundays your father and I have been cleaning up the side yard. We dismantled the fort that no matter how creative was rather messy looking since it was made out of old bunny fence and prunings. We also cleaned up the remains of "Bradentopia" and in the process we found 2 bucket fulls of things you have set on fire. It appears you tried to be safe by putting things inside of cement blocks, but due to the fact we don't want the house to burn down, you have a 100 dollar fine per item burned from this point on. Why a money fine for a boy with just a lawn mowing job? Well you have been motivated by money since we found the only way to potty train you at age 2 was to offer money. I will say when you do get a fine, you ALWAYS pay us. You are very good with your money management and we are proud of you for that.

You love schedules. You like to know exactly when we are leaving. If you know the time, like when we are leaving for school you will give us a countdown so we will be ready on time. You like to plan out your day, it drives you crazy if we want to just go with the flow. Sometimes you want to plan out a weekend several weeks in advance which is really hard with a impromptu guy like `your Dad, but we do our best. You love it when I cook meals for you. It is so nice that you are so appreciative, even when you don't care for what is made.

Your girlfriend is Andrea. You have been dating for 11 months. She is a very pretty, sweet girl and you seemed to be good friends. She lives quite a long ways a way, so when she needs to stay the night you willing go to Grandma and Grandpa's so I can get some sleep:)

The sports you love this year are swimming, and roller hockey. You are very good at all sports but you prefer those two. You swam with a local high school swim team for the second year because your school doesn't have a team. You are one of their best swimmers and we are very proud of you!

We are also proud of how you help out at church. You run the power point for praise and if anybody has a presentation. You also help with the kids when we have meetings. It is obvious that the kids really look up to you. You are a positive role model for them. They are watching you to see what they want to be like when they get older.

Another thing you like to do is to wrestle with your Dad. I am always afraid someone will get hurt, but no one has yet so I guess its okay. You also like to tease me till I am chasing you down or running away screaming. Its all fun, no matter how much I scream. Your Dad and I like to hold you down and tickle you, but you are so strong it is very hard.

We love you very much, we are very proud of you and we pray that you will always keep Jesus as your best friend.


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