Sunday, April 08, 2007

Sunday's Festivus ED 14

This week has been SO much better! Very few ants, plunging but no overflow, bookcases stayed in upright positions. So what to have a grievance about?........

Pain, grumpiness, and sleepiness.

I injured my piraformis muscle last Fall, and it is acting up again. It is a muscle deep in your hip that sits next to the sciatic nerve. When it gets irritated it rubs on that sciatic nerve. That causes pain down into the leg. My pain is going down into my calf. I am now on muscle relaxers, anti inflammatory's, and pain meds. This makes me tired and I do not like being tired. I have little energy as it is. However these medicines are important because of grumpiness.

Grumpiness. I can handle pain for a while then I get extremely grumpy and downright mean. I said some very mean things this week. Such as "I believe that makes you look as if your IQ just dropped 100 points" That is really MEAN for me as I am usually sweet. I was grumpy with my children. Thats when I decided to go get the meds.....But now I am sleepy.

Sleepiness. I fell asleep at my parents today in the middle of Easter festivities. Then I went home and slept for 7 hours. I am now ready for bed again. TOO MUCH SLEEP!

What are your grievances? Post a message on your blog and link here. Also leave a message in comments! Have a super day!

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