Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen ed 8

Thirteen Things about Showing kids how to "share" Christmas

1. Brighten someone's Holiday by doing the "12 days of Christmas" for them. ( write creative notes and improvise such as, day one give a mini tree with a bird in it and a can of pears-more on my blog about this one)
2. Find a family with kids that cannot afford Christmas and get them presents and food (We save the money from returning pop cans all year and we are lucky enough to get cans donated to us as well)
3. Give money, food or "stuff" to your local shelter
4. Give to a charity. ADRA is a really good one and has a "Really Useful Gift Catalog" where you can choose items from 2 dollars and on up to purchase. It tells what you are buying and what country it will be used in.(
5. Write notes of appreciation to other members in your family or to friends
6. Find a "giving tree" and choose kids that are around your childrens same ages, then buy the Christmas presents they are wishing for. (Malls and shopping centers will have these tree's)
7. Invite someone over for Christmas dinner that could never return the favor
8. Offer to babysit for a single parent that needs to go shopping without the kids
9. Give food to a local food share program
10. Clean out the coat closet and donate your good used coats to a shelter.
11. Call a local Residential Care Center or Nursing home and ask if there is a resident without involved family members and ask what you could get them for Christmas.
12. Ask your pastor if someone in your church is lonely, then visit them
13. Bake cookies or Pumpkin bread and take to all your neighbors
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Celfyddydau said...

that is great. You really know the meaning of Chirstmas Spirit.

Love your 12 days thing too

Anonymous said...

Great ideas. :) Those are wonderful ways to share the Christmas spirit with others. :) We do 3, 6 and 10 every year (okay, we don't do the coats ever year, but we do it when we have old coats we won't wear anymore.)

Happy T13. :)