Thursday, December 14, 2006

12 Days of Christmas

This is soooo fun and so worth the effort. It is not very expensive but really brightens a person's day. Wouldn't you love getting annonymous gifts on your front porch? (Although I did put "from your friends at ________ church" so they wouldn't think we were stalkers)

Day one: Give a can of Pears (My daughter insisted on getting a miniture tree with a bird in it as well)and a note such as: On the first day of Christmas your true friends gave to you....Pears and a dove in an evergreen tree.

Day two: Two turtle candies and dove candies and the note said: On the second day of Christmas your true friends gave to you 2 turtle doves and you already have the pears, and dove in an evergreen tree

Day three: Can of chicken noodle soup (I got vegetarian "no chicken" soup then I covered the "no chicken" with the top cut off a post it note that I had written "3 french hen" For the note, use the same format, just adding the new item and the previous given items for each day as they occur)

Day Four: Pretty Notepad and pen (write on the pad that "the calling birds left a message to have a happy Holiday Season")

Day Five: Can of Pineapple rings ("golden pineapple rings" in your note)

Day Six: Egg shaped objects (I found egg shaped snowmen with candy inside. Make sure to add to your note about the geese laying egg shaped snowmen)

Day Seven: Bubble Bath (Add to note about swimming with the swans but the swans were too busy and said to enjoy swimming without them)

Day Eight: Milk Duds (add to note about the maids a milking making milk dud's)

Day Nine: Christmas CD that they can "dance" to

Day Ten: Candy canes (note to explain the Lords a Leaping had to go but left their canes for them to enjoy)

Day Eleven: Hot Chocolate in mug or mugs (note saying to serve "piping hot" at least for adults and "not so piping hot" for kids)

Day Twelve: Ice cream drum sticks (Leave a note on an earlier day asking them to leave a note outside their door about when you could treat them to dinner, such as at a Taco Bell, bring Drumsticks and reveal yourselves!

Be sure to add in items for the kids in the family. The dollar store has alot of great things and they aren't too spendy. I also added in some fun items like a book with CD on the 12 days of Christmas and miniture light set and ornaments to put on the tree we gave them on day one.

If you start today you could be done on Christmas day. However upon looking up the 12 days of Chirstmas I found out it is actually supposed to start on Christmas Day and end 12 days later so it can be done at any time.

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