Sunday, December 31, 2006

Braden Crowned King of Speed

I was challenged to a card game of "speed" this morning. And who can resist that? I used to be the Queen of the card game speed and I beat everyone, that is till I visited Michigan and played the game with my Aunt Marti. I reluctantly pased the virtual crown to her. She was really really fast. I believe my sister has beaten me as well. I think the mind slows as you get older. Anyway I WON the first game. I was so excited and ready to reclaim my title, however the two following games were won by Braden so the title of "Speed King" goes to him. I wish Marti would come and challenge him! In the mean time lets see how his Aunt Staci (my sister) can do!

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Anonymous said...

uh oh... time to practice