Sunday, December 31, 2006

Sundays Worst and Best

Up until the last few years when my kids still wanted to be tucked in bed we had a nightly tradition of asking what was the WORST and BEST time of the day. We always started out with WORST so we could end on a positive note with the BEST of the day. So here is the WORST and BEST of this last week.

WORST: A series of unfortunate events: My family has a natural talent for catching dropping items. Its almost weird the way we can be totally involved in something and our hand will shoot out and catch a falling object like we were expecting it. It even surprises the people whom witness these events. However every once in a while the reflex is just not there, and the the last 24 hours was one of those times. As I was getting ready for company, I grabbed the step stool, not realizing that my daughter had moved the George Foreman grill catching the end of the cord in the folded up step stool. The grill hit the floor with a huge clattering and broke into several very interesting pieces. (Now if I thought like my sister Stacitee I would have grabbed the camera and there would be a very interesting picture of the insides of a grill) Next I went to get a casserole out of the cupboard. As I was reaching for a dish the wooden shelf slipped off its holder and almost in slow motion, I had 2 casserole dishes and about 12 mini sauce cups sliding towards me. I of course immediately did a quick inventory of what would be the greatest lost of usefulness, cost to replace, and what I could realistically catch. I decided the casserole dishes were the most useful and managed to grab them as sauce cups were hitting the counter and the floor all around me. I was then surrounded by a sea of broken glass and since this event was quite loud and the rest of my family were sleeping, I fully expected someone to coming tearing into the kitchen to see if mom was okay.....not a creature was I started cleaning up.... still no I finished cleaning up and as I was putting the last glass fragments in the trash, I realized I should have taken a picture . Later this same day the Christmas tree, that I always leave up till New Years just to extend the season a little, fell over, breaking some of the Christmas balls. It is currently leaning at a 45 degree angle against the corner of the room, lights still sparkling, beads falling off and strand of lights hanging. Heres a picture......

More in the series: This is not the first time the tree fell over this season. Before Christmas I had set presents around the tree. This it seemed, was a fairly safe thing to do. Most everyone sets their presents around the tree. I didn't even here the "TIMBER" or the rush of water from the base as it poured out over my presents soaking their boxes right off of them. (It has been 12 years since I had a tree fall over and I hope it is another 12 before it happens again!) We also had really bad wind storms that blew branches off the trees and directly into the glass bulbs lining the walkways. And last, but certainly burned into my forehead for at least a week........, I touched my forehead with the 448 degree straightening iron.

BEST: We got the unique privilege of helping several people who were less fortunate than we are. (My parents and sister helped as well). I saw my son entertaining his 11 year old cousin when she had nothing to do because my daughter had her boyfriend over. (He's a GREAT boy- a definite “keeper”). And the BEST surprise. I called my daughter to tell her my sis and her family were coming over for dinner and could she please put the lasagna in the oven. When I arrived, the whole house was clean! And she did it without asking! (Yep -She's the BEST and a keeper! )


Anonymous said...

wow... now i feel less bad about my disposal rusting through and spewing chewed up food all over underneath my sink (in the cabinet).... oh the smell!

and of course, about the wind storm that blew the shingles right off my roof.


Anonymous said...

oh, the memories of falling trees... always yours... never mine. maybe because i have a fake charlie brown tree (which may or may not have died for good yesterday... i may have to buy one of those pretty fake trees for next year)? hehehee.