Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen Ed. 2

Thirteen Things about Loving your teen
Ways to help your teenagers feel loved
Co written by Kiara age 13 and Braden age 15

1. Having their friends over
2. Spending quality time with them
3. Listening to understand, not to judge
4. Watching a favorite show with them
5. Playing catch
6. Buying them stuff they do not need, but really enjoy
7. Treating them like adults
8. Giving them more responsibility
9. Relaxing the rules a bit
10. Taking them shopping or on errands they need to do
11. Making them their favorite foods
12. Getting them to shool and activities on time
13. Laughing with them

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Anonymous said...

I'll keep these in mind with my almost 3-year old son :)

Thanks for sharing! Happy Thursday!

stacitee said...

Good ideas... I think they will even work on Tessa! Heheheh!

Barbara H. said...

We're on our third teen-ager, and I think he'd agree with this list. :)