Friday, September 29, 2006

Decade photos: "The haircut"

Remember in my first Thursday Thirteen I talked about teens being old enough to not cut each others hair? Well here is the evidence. I believe she was 3 and even though I kept the siscors safely hidden, my hubby asked for them before I went to work stating they wanted to play "office". Well a short time after I left, the hubby let the kids play office while he checked the scores of a football game. The end result was this lovely "haircut" just on one side. My hubby was alerted when our 5 year old son asked his Dad "Do girls sometimes have boy haircuts?"......hmmmmmmmmm

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stacitee said...

Ahhhh, good times. This haircut was the worst one I've ever seen one kid inflict on another. Usually it is just the bangs. Maybe Braden has a talent for hair styling?