Friday, September 15, 2006

TT about Terrific Teens ed 1

Terrific Teens

Thirteen Things about Terrific Teens

1…. They are able to do more things such as make dinner or breakfast for the whole family

2....They are honest with their feelings such as "Why do I care?

3....They are learning to chauffer you around town.

4....They sleep more than they used to, so a little more sleep for mom and dad!

5....They can make their own money and help pay for clothes and other items

6....They increase your ability to love unconditionally

7....They are full of surprises like when you find your toilet seat has been "stickied up" and the reason you cant get comfortable in bed is that there is a slim box under the memory foam on your bed.

8....They love you unconditionally even though you are not "cool"

9....They are old enough to know better than to give each other a "hair cut"

10....They are unique in their strengths.

11....They answer the phone for the whole family

12....They let you know how they feel immediately

13....They are fun to be with!

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Vicky said...

Thank you for the 'feel better' list!! My kids are still only 5, 7 and 9 and driving me crazy, but people keep telling me that 'it gets worse when they become teenagers'!! Your list gives me a ray of hope!!
Welcome to Thursday Thirteen!! Its addicting!