Monday, October 09, 2006


The first in a series of letters to my daughter:
Kiara this year you are thirteen years old. An official "teenager" despite the fact you have been acting like one for some time now. You are so beautiful and you have a great independent, caring, and dramatic personality. I can tell you have no idea how beautiful you are. You act like your big eyes and thick hair are something weird. You may not believe it, but women all over the world wish they had big beautiful eyes and thick hair like yours. You are very independent and want to be "original" in the way you dress and act. You have never liked the "twin" dressing thing. I remember in 2nd grade all the girls decided to wear skirts and you agreed. But when it came down to it you just couldn’t bring yourself to "be one of the crowd". I am very proud of you for being your own person. You are the type of person that will not take drugs, drink alcohol, or do anything just because everyone else does. I am awed by your special love for Jesus which you have had since you were first able to talk. I can see how your love for Jesus and your independent spirit is doing great things for him! You love to help the poor and to pray for other people. We have seen miracles from the prayers you wouldn’t give up on. Like Aunt Staci having a baby. When everyone else finally decided the answer must be no, you kept on praying daily, and your prayer was answered!
Your dramatic personality is so you! You are my drama queen, dancing princess and comedy girl. You have been making your Dad and I laugh since you finally started talking for yourself (before that you let your brother do all the talking for you). The car you would like to have someday is a Mini Cooper. Pink is still the color you love, although your "signature" color for clothes is brown and your room decorations are purple, citrus green and a touch of orange. Chris Tomlin is the singer you like. Your Dad sang Chris Tomlin's song called ""made for worship" and you sent him a note that said "you nailed it". Your Dad was so happy to know you liked the song he sang for you. Your cell phone is one of the best around, and you like the fact that yours is special, because for a whole year the rest of the family had a phone and you were too young. You have lots of friends, but seem to like to hang out with Danielle, Alexis and Jazmine the most. Squirty is your dog even though she spends a lot of time with your Dad. You also like our big dog Kai. Your favorite food is pasta, and you still like salads. When you were little we loved taking you to a place that gave kids salad for free, because you would eat platefuls of it. You have always been my healthiest eater. When you get older you want to work for an Anti-terrorist unit. You also want to go to Italy and sneak away from college to go to the beach. Its not that easy, and you nay have to wait till you are out on your own, but you will find that out later. College is 5 years away. Speaking of college, you are also very smart. School work seems to be easy for you. When you are having difficulty with grades it seems as if its more of a boredom problem, because as soon as you get in trouble the grades go directly to straight A’s. You are also a computer whiz. You can read HTML codes and know how to do things on the computer that most people need to be taught. You are a great masseuse. And give great foot rubs, shoulder massages and back massages. You also enjoy cooking and are very helpful at home, and when we help with church potlucks. You have taken over making my punchbowl cake, casseroles and anything else I ask you to cook for me. You still love to sleep. You have always been a great sleeper and now that you are a teen you are taking more naps again. I love to call you Kiara, Kee, Sweet girl, Sis, Sissy and the name your friends call you which is Kay. I love you more than you will ever know and I pray that you will always keep Jesus close to your heart. I also pray that you will make great choices in life and find boyfriends and eventually a husband that will treat you like the princess you are.
Love, Mom

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