Thursday, October 12, 2006

Thursday Thirteen: 13 great things to help with the teen years ed 5

Thirteen Things about help for the teen years

1. Book: 5 Love Languages of Teens by Gary Chapman (learn how your teen shows love and recieves love--It may be different from what you think it is)
2. Book: Parenting your out of Control Teen by Scott P Sells. I wish they would change the name of this one. It is great for even teens that are not out of Control. Shows you how to take care of a variety of problems such as disrespect and frees Mom from all the nagging. It also shows how to show your teen the positive things they are doing)
3. Date-time with Mom or Dad night. Special time alone with you and your teen. Let them pick the activity. Guarenteed to get them talking after the first few "dates"
4. Online- deals with the difficult issues as well as minor issues.
5. Online- Tips for parenting teens at
6. Online-
8. Hang on-When they pull away do what ever you have to pull them back into the family.
9. Snoop-Get a good program that records every site that your computer goes to, blocks undesirable sites and a program to recover deleted items for the tricky "computer smart" ones
10. Loosen up-When appropriate "loosen the reins" a bit, with more freedoms for good behavior and less for undesirable behavior
11. Driving: check out and read the article on "crash proofing your teen". Very good advice on raising the chances your teen will stay out of a serious crash
12. Words-Tell them you love them everyday
13. Divine help-Pray for them everyday and anytime you feel you need extra

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amy said...

The Love Languages books are awesome although I dont have teens. Great post this week

Anonymous said...

Great tips. I'll use them on my 4 year old. Hehehehe!

Anonymous said...

Hey, I found a "scripture-a-day" thingie for your blog. Let me know if you are interested.