Friday, May 25, 2007

Missed opportunities

Last night just before I went to bed I realized I needed a new towel to put in the kennel our littlest Chihuahua "Little Dude" sleeps in. For reasons in many other posts I have put on here he is on "lock up" at night. In case you have not read earlier posts they have to do with the proper area to relieve himself and getting into trash cans, laundry etc. Anyway, every one else was in bed so I made my way to the garage and as I walked in I noticed in my peripheral vision what looked like a creme colored cat. Since we do not have a creme colored cat, I looked that way and found myself staring at a huge possum. She is lucky it did not trigger my scream reflex as it probably would have made him/her faint. Anyway I took a bucket and tried to shew her out the cat door, but she hissed and then finally made his way behind a table and boxes. NOW if I was a good blogger, the moment I saw him I would have said "wait" and I would have run for the camera. But I guess I am still learning.....Maybe next time.

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